Dinosaur Island LiangDeZhao 2017

A survival and killing adventure game, thrilling death exploration, cooking all kinds of food, making weapons, looking for resources, and enjoying breathtaking Adventures. Live and explore in a dark environment, and always be on guard. Collect all kinds of things, and make all kinds of weapons, fight with all kinds of dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures. Kill dinosaurs and monsters, search for food, maintain stamina, and avoid death. The game sets 4 regions, shoal Islands, Death forest, Daredevil swamp, Technology ruins. Each region has different dinosaurs and strange creatures. Operate with a keyboard and mouse, and VR version will be provided later, and it is operated by HTC Vive. And you can move around in the world, avoid dinosaur chases, pick up objects. Game features: More than 50 items and 10 kinds of weapons; For each adventure, you can only carry 5 props, choose different combinations of props, for better exploration and survival; You must collect food and water to make sure you are in the best state; It is very important to find camps - You need to make things, weapons, and cook food at the camps; The game can not be upgraded. It requires the player to look for design drawings on the map, strengthen attack, life, and unlock items and weapons; Over a period of time, there are 1-3 Boss at random. They have terrible injuries and various special attacks, such as fire breathing, spraying venom, lightning attack, etc.; For every adventure, players can carry a robot, each robot has a different ability; Cherish life. When you die, you will lose a certain amount of energy crystals.
Download: None currently available

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