Bombstrike Tomcat Games 2008

You are a pilot of a combat helicopter. Your task is to destroy all the enemies that come across in your path. Excellent graphics, complete freedom of movement in 3D, a good soundtrack. The game is a helicopter-bomber, in which you are actually a pilot. In your mission you must neutralize the enemy and destroy secret bases. The game uses the effects of concussion, stun and headache. You will feel like a pilot, like you are in the real cabin of a helicopter. Successful fights. Are you ready for your hardest challenge? Are you tough enough for a game faster, louder and more intensiv than you've ever experienced? Then ultimately test your shoot'em up with gorgeous graphics, hardcore action and a driving soundtrack. Game features: Controlling the chopper is both intuitive and a joy to play; 5 different difficuly levels create a variing mix of stealthy seek-and-destroy and simply blowing up everything in sight; 14 huge high detailed landscapes with different weather condition. Fly through villages, forests, arctic, desert and sea environments by night, dawn and day; Scaleable Display options for low to high end machines; Huge Spectacular Explosions and Special Effects, Total Freedom of Movement in 3D.
Full Demo v1.03 18MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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