Contra Evolution HD Konami Shanghai 2011

This is an HD remake of the original classic video game Contra released on NES console in 1987. It was originally published by CocoaChina for cellphone in 2010, then for arcade in 2011. Later, it was ported to Android, iPhone and iPad. And this one is for Windows. This retains the classic game mode of the original, in order to let fan players experience the most faithful stages and plots of Contra on FC console. At the same time, the game graphics and systems also get deep evolution. For instance, the HD remade scenes and customizable weapons bring new game experience to us. After ported to PC platform, there is no bad experience of difficult operation on mobile platforms any more. Plus, in addition to two classic characters in the original work, it also added two new female characters who have entirely different operating modes and attacking means. Key Features: HD-remake graphics brings players better visual enjoyment; The introduction of brand-new level and equipment systems; Players can unlock more powerful weapons and mission modes; Two new female characters with completely different operation ways and means of attack; New added enhanced weapons with improved attack force, firing rate and attack range.
Full Demo 296MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 320MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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