Halo Zero Dobermann Software 2005

There is a 2D sidescrolling fan-made platformer, based on the 3D Halo games, similar to what Codename: Gordon is to Half-Life. The story takes places prior to the events of the first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. Master Chief has to fight a Covenant invasion on Reach through different missions and ultimately join the Pillar of Autumn to escape. The characters, weapons and setting are based on the original game, and also on Halo: Blood Covenant, another fan-made game that was never finished. The game is developed using the Multimedia Fusion Pro software. Master Chief is controlled through the mouse for aiming and shooting, and through the keyboard for movement (including jumping and crouching). There are 2 basic weapons with a limited amount of ammo. While playing, players can either collect additional ammo or exchange their weapon for one of the defeated enemies. Most weapons require a regular reload. Next to the human weapons such a pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher and a sniper rifle, there are also alien ones, a limited amount of grenades and a custom melee attack for each weapon. There are 6 types of enemies: Grunt, Elite, Hunter, Jackal, Banshee and Swordsman. Most levels offer classic side-scrolling gameplay, with obstacles and height differences, but there are also a few missions where the players controls a Warthog or an aircraft while shooting enemies. There are different difficulty levels and a multiplayer mode for up to 2 players.
Development Tools 16MB (uploaded by Halo Zero Modifications)
Free Game 21MB (uploaded by File Planet)

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