FireCrow Softplace / Media Pocket 1999

This is a French shmup, a very fast "shoot before you look" air battle game. The game offers extremely addictive gameplay and was awarded a French technical and programming prize in 1998. It is necessary, by controlling the aircraft, to destroy various hostile aircraft (other aircraft, helicopters, other objects, including those that are difficult to find adequate names), as well as destroy a variety of ground infrastructure and suppress enemy air defense forces represented in the form of turrets. Top view, there is a scrolling of the screen from the bottom up - however within the visible part of this screen it is possible to move not only forward, but also backward. By default, there are four "lives"; Most enemies (excluding bosses) are destroyed from one hit. In the course of the passage, you can collect different types of weapons, most often ray weapons and shooting with different colors - red, yellow, green, purple, and bonuses are red, less often green crystals that fall out of the destroyed adversaries or objects (although sometimes they just hang out in the air) and are a kind of slowly consumed ammunition for a number of guns. There are also "special" means of destroying opponents-for example, missiles or blue lightning-there is also a small aircraft helper "picked up" in the form of a separate bonus and capable, like you, use a variety of weapons. Before starting, you can choose one of three difficulty levels - this parameter affects the aggressiveness of enemies, the frequency of shots, the speed of movement, and so on, and it becomes very difficult to play hard, whereas on an "easy" process it looks more like a walk with very rare and not dangerous attacks. Landscapes are relatively diverse: somewhere underneath spreads are grassy plains, then snow glades, then deserts, but more often - some industrial complexes with plants and pipelines - many of these objects, as already noted, can and should be exploded. There is an opportunity to play together on one computer.
ISO Demo 58MB (uploaded by

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