Last Conflict, The Darker Emerald / EmmyGames 2017

This is a 2-D multiplayer online action and strategic based game inspired by classic games Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Zombie Ate my Neighbors, bringing them together to create a fun zombie killing experience. Play online co-op or pvp with 1-50 players per server. Rip and tear through your enemies with over 87 weapons to choose from. Upgrade and become a killing machine 2000 with the easy to use perk system. Many games modes from "Survival" to "Scenario" based objectives like rescue and evacuation missions, prop hunt like mini-games or try to survive in a sandbox city for as long as possible in "Free Roam". Create clans and go head to head against other clans. Supports the ability to create and share custom maps and custom characters using the icon share server. Wonderful soundtrack produced by Andy Gillion of Mors Principium Est as well as music contributions from FUGE, Michael Hebo and the developer.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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