JetmanGo Linkflag Studio 2017

This jetpack shooter game is built using Unreal 4 game engine with real physical system and high performance optimization. It supports single-player, multiplayer and challenge mode. In my childhood, I wanted to have a jetpack to fly in the sky. But currently I have no chance to try it in real time. So I'm going to make a game, in which the players can equip jetpacks to shoot each other while flying in the sky. All platform blocks in the game can be destroyed. Destroy the block strategically so your opponents have trouble landing on the platform. Maybe this is a more effective strategy than shooting at player directly. The game is simple, but it's interesting. The game play is intense, you can pick up the game anytime. Play a few minutes and see the world destroyed by you and your opponent, that's a great satisfaction. Enjoy the game with your friend.
Download: None currently available

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