Armored Kitten Ducat 2017

My name is Captain Mittens. I've received the distress signal from Mars research facility. Help me to survive and find out what is happened here? There no controls description in game, so here you go: MUT-O-HONEY - Mysterious substance i met at Mars facilities. It allow me to improve my body and mind; CONDENSED MILK - No less mysterious stuff. Restores health and has a damn good taste. BOOSTER - It is clear from the title. Slightly speeds up the speed of movement, and greatly accelerates the fire rate. A Life saver in some situations. INVULNERABILITY - Gives invulnerability for 10 seconds. A very dangerous thing, in the hands of an gambler; BROKEN QUAD - Despite the fact that the quad is broken, it still multiplies your damage by 4 times.
Download: None currently available

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