Rogue Trooper Rebellion Software / Eidos Interactive 2006

Set on the war-torn, poisoned atmosphere of Nu Earth, Rogue Trooper is a genetic infantryman (G.I.), one of an elite squad of biologically-engineered clone troops, created to overcome the planet's hostile atmosphere, unhindered in their fight against the enemy, the Nort Republic. After witnessing the betrayal and annihilation of his squad at the Quartz Zone Massacre, Rogue has gone AWOL, determined to hunt down the traitor who sent his brothers-in-arms to their deaths. Armed with the latest experimental weapons, Rogue's arsenal offers him one extra special advantage over his opponents; encoded bio-chips containing the digitised personalities of his fallen comrades are stored in his gun (Gunnar), helmet (Helm) and backpack (Bagman), each one offering their unique expertise and assistance, allowing Rogue to strategically outwit a sophisticated enemy. On Oct 17/2017, Rogue Trooper Redux was released remastered and revitalised in true high definition. It has HD graphics, remodeled assets, dynamic lighting, enhanced geometry, new special effects and more. New features also include modern controls, extra difficulty settings and a revamped cover system.
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Full Demo 278MB Ambient Addon 22MB Intro 83MB Music 94MB Speech 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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Redux Screenshots/Video
DVD ISO Demo 3.92GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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