Barrage Musical: A Fantasy of Tempest SlimeSmile 2017

This is a music rhythm STG where stages with highly BGM synchronization will show you a barrage musical; A shop system with dozens of items available offers you infinite possibility; An AI based auto dodging system benefits beginners. Strange magic is contained in distant woods where there seems to be something hidden. With a premonition of an incoming thunderstorm, our hero steps on her journey of adventure. A simple and straightforward coin system that doubles the coins when suppressing enemies. Coins that directly impact scores, lives and spells. A shop where items can be purchased with collectable coins. The shop offers a mysterious auto dodging item. Hold down the C key, and the player will gain the ability of auto dodging. This ability has a time limit, which you may extend by purchasing upgrades at the shop. With the ability of auto dodging, you are unbeatable. Features: 3 Weapons; 4 Difficulties; 6 Stages; 8 Characters; More than 20 songs; A Simple and straightforward coin system; A shop that contains dozens of items; An AI based auto dodging system that benefits beginners.
Download: None currently available

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