Dimension Hunter Pocket Money Games 2017

The dimension ship USS Ulysses' crew has been infected with a deadly inter-dimensional biomechanical parasite. The ship's crew has activated all of the dimension gates allowing the virus to spread throughout time and space causing anomalies and destruction across the ship. It's your mission to: Destroy the infected crew; Close all of the dimensional gates; Hunt and exterminate any infected in other dimensions; Destroy the Ulysses before it destroys every dimension. We know what you're thinking, not another skinless zombie shooter mission, well don't be a Pessimistic Pete. Our scans show lots of species and Dimensions have been infected so before you know it you will be slaughtering aliens, werewolves, cyborgs, dinosaurs, demons, and weird fish men that we don't even have a name for yet...let's call them Jeff...death to all JEFFS!!!! MFING JEFFS KILLED MY WIFE…. JJJJEEEFFFFF!!!!... ETC!!! We will send you weapon upgrades and care packages as and when we can but it's not Christmas, so don't expect a lot. We have also fitted you with our patent pending anti-brain crab helmet, it's our only prototype so please give it a polish before returning home. Your helmet will afford you some protection but it's not going to stop them from trying to get to your grey matter. As my mother always used to say, "A clean, crab-free helmet is close to godliness"... my mother was insane, obviously, but still great advice. This allows you to immerse yourself in this tongue in cheek, over the top, retro-arcade experience, with a unique choice of free or railed movement. Fast paced, hardcore, fluid gameplay mechanics with a unique, and yet familiar, comic book style of carnage and gore. It gives you a unique mix of 17 locomotion methods from arcade railed to free Thumbstick movement and everything in between. Play the way you want to play.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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