ZBloodyHell LOZ_98 2016

This is a ZBlood fork Based on ZBloodX, the goal is to bring the project even closer to the original Blood game, solving several issues that other forks suffered from and adding features that didn't make it through, This fork features Voxels, Improved monsters behavior, Updated weapons and balanced levels difficulty as well as several other bug fixes, new levels and additions, Check out the list below of key features of the game, or download the latest version and Kick some Zombies heads today. The goal isn't to recreate the original Blood in ZDoom, it's impossible due to engine limits, instead we're just trying to bring the taste of Blood to ZDoom, you can expect the original levels, monsters and weapons but they're slightly altered to work in ZDoom and it's children ports (such as GZDoom and Zandronum). Features: Standalone, therefore no longer requires Doom 2 to run; Updated level layouts; Over 10 v5.1 Levels, Improved and Balanced; Organized Mapset, and simply named after their original (E1M1, E2M4 ... etc); Multiplayer Bug fixes; Updated Pitchfork animation, Smoother and closer to the original; Fixed Flaregun Secondary fire not going straight; Improved Monsters behaviors, Axe Zombies, Gargoyles, Cerberus and Phantasm overhauled; Added swimming animation to Player class; Decreased amount of enemies on maps to a Reasonable amount for a Balanced difficulty; PNG Truecolor textures; Voxels for weapon pickups and items.
Free Game v1.7.6.11 (under Maps / Blood Maps) 71.6MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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