Glorious Mission [Ch] Giant Interactive Group 2011

This is a Chinese first-person shooter computer game made with Unreal Engine 3. It is the first online, military-themed video game released by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The goal of this game is to train people in combat skills and technological awareness. A non-public, military version was also developed by China's PLA. The main story focuses on the conflict between Japan and China over a group of islands for which sovereignty is disputed, known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China. An update that allows gameplay on the Diaoyu Islands was released on Armed Forces Day in China to coincide with the 86th anniversary of the formation of the PLA. It accurately recreates the details of firearms, uniforms, and vehicles used by the People's Liberation Army. The game has been criticized for trivializing the reality of war by presenting it as a video game. There are two versions of the game. The public release version supports online service and is free to play, but requires new players to register an account using their personal Resident Identity Card. The military version includes eight single-player campaigns and a multiplayer mode used by the PLA for recreational use. The military version is also available for purchase through an activation code after a free download. The game is divided into three parts: basic training, individual soldier tasks, and squad/team confrontation. The levels heavily feature scripted events, such as plane flyovers and explosions. The game often forces players on a fixed path without giving them freedom to approach situations tactically. In the first level, after a brief amphibious landing, players follow a somewhat direct line through narrow trenches. In another level, after some stationary sniping, players are pushed through a narrow cave. Other levels consist of players working their way up a fenced path. The public release version includes player versus player and Co-op modes. Co-op battles are designed to inspire patriotism in players, with missions such as "Dream to return to Shanghai" where players fight against the Imperial Japanese Army as PLA soldiers during the Battle of Shanghai, and "Protect the Diaoyu Islands", which involves defending the Diaoyu Islands base from the Japan Self-Defense Forces. The JSDF appear as basic enemies in the Training Mode and Team Time Attack player versus environment modes.
Chinese Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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