HL: Minimal Edition Alexey Singh 2017

This is an attempt to make something in the world of Half-Life. It is a small level with lots of jumps, headcrabs and one angry houndeye. The game uses the original sounds from the Half-Life. "It is still unclear to me exactly what brought down our little aircraft. The following hours spent traversing the frigid waste in a blizzard are also a jumbled blur, ill-remembered and poorly defined." It shows how Gordon Freeman finds an abandoned research station G-Malamute after the helicopter crash, and without another path, he has to go through it. The station and gameplay inside it had to look and feel completely like the first Half-Life. It returns some of the monsters that disappeared in the second part of the series. All the characters are drawn in a very low-res pixel art.
Free Game v1.01 21MB (uploaded by itch.io)

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