Elemental Combat Avrlon VR Studio 2017

Early Access Release Set in a world of fantasy and martial arts, Elemental Combat is a competitive VR game that blends the speed and intensity of a modern FPS with the strategy of classic arcade fighting games. Use your hands to let fire fall from the sky or raise mighty walls of earth in VR. Customize your avatar and take the fight online. Become fully immersed in the elemental battle. Features: Take Control of the Elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water in Virtual Reality; Cross platform Multiplayer Fights - Battle in addictive 1vs1 duels to see who is the better elemental combatant on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive; RPG Elements - Level up your character and learn new and powerful elemental abilities; Singleplayer - Fight against the A.I. and train your strategies and tactics; Ranking - Climb up the competitive latter and become the best elemental master.
Download: None currently available

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