Confirmed Kill (cancelled) Eidos Interactive 1999

This was online flight sim to be on TEN network followed by stand alone missions and full campaigns, allowing for detailed single-player action. Although the flight physics were extremely realistic, Eidos wanted to stress combat action and intense gameplay. In most cases, if you have to bomb a destroyer, you will begin your mission over the enemy ship. To overcome the tedium of flying hundreds of miles to an engagement point after being shot down, it has an inventive system of buoy re-spawning. If you are piloting a fighter (note: the buoy system will not work if you are carrying any bombs), you can drop a buoy near the action and you will re-spawn at that point if you are killed. However, enemy planes can attack and destroy your buoys, so you won't be able to reappear near the battle indefinitely. It offers an enormous amount of plane choices with models from America, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, and possibly Italy being simulated. Also included are several tutorials so beginning pilots can learn how to properly perform maneuvers such as strafing, bombing, and torpedoing. In the online version, higher-ranking players will assign other player's missions. Although they can choose to decline a mission, they will receive a demerit unless their plane is so badly damaged it would be ridiculous for them to even make an attempt. The graphics look amazing. Ships tilt on their keels when they turn and bob in rough seas. The terrain is richly detailed (you can see tank tread marks on soft river banks) and the planes themselves look fantastic. It minimizes polygons while still keeping textures realistic and smooth. Not only will this give you plenty of eye-candy to look at, but it will also keep frame-rate high thereby maximizing playability. To assure the highest frame-rates possible, it requires a 3D accelerator. The special effects also look incredible. Fire looks like fire, smoke looks like smoke, and, when a plane explodes it breaks apart into thousands of tiny chunks . . . very satisfying. Higher ranking pilots will be able to form their own squadrons and will be able to send in personalized logo artwork that Eidos will apply to the planes in that squadron. It plans to simulate historically accurate battles, your forces will be limited to the factual number of planes in each battle. If you choose to fly a P-38 Lightning and there were only six P-38s at a particular engagement, then there will only be six in the game. It includes yet another revolutionary feature which allows you to stay in the action even after all of your fighters have been destroyed. You can choose to take command of a turret in either a human or AI controlled bomber, an AA gun on the ground, or you can become a ghost pilot and watch the action through someone else's eyes. It also simulates pilot honor. For example, you will loose honor for shooting friendlies or for shooting parachuting pilots who have bailed. Your honor will increase after a successful Kamikaze mission but, of course, you'll be dead. Oh well, just re-spawn and join the action again. It allows you to engage enemy forces in both Europe and Japan. But there are also Russian and Northern Africa theaters. At its inception, it will only allow you to fly fighters and light fighter/bombers, but it promises heavy bombers will be implemented soon. It was at version 0.93 when it was ended. Since version 0.94 it was renamed to WarBirds.
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Level Demo 28MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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