Hold Your Own DistrictWare inc. 2017

Early Access Release You find yourself on an island, starting from scratch while trying to survive. In Early Access, players will be able to interact with smart and complete AI to claim resources and expand building capabilities. Eventually, we plan to add an extensive quest and storyboard system offering players fun stuff to achieve. It's a survival game that’s not about feeling like you are on the verge of dying, while fighting off and defending your base. It's easier to find food and water, but AI is harder to kill and coming after you. We want players to have fun, build their base so they can spend their time on fun quests and killing AI. Key Features: Island map exploration; Character Hunger/Thirst Mechanics; Base Building; Ferry Mechanics to travel from one island to another; Hunting; Crafting Items; Food Cooking Mechanics; Power/Electricity; Mechanics; Gathering Resources; Mining and refining of ores; Quests; Trader; Arms Dealer; Kill AI Enemies; Animal Husbandry; Farming; Day/Night Cycle. The graphics and quality of the game are our most important priority during Early Access. So while it starts with single-player, the goal is to keep evolving and strengthening the systems to be ready for multiplayer eventually.
Download: None currently available

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