Adventures of Square, The BigBrik Games 2014

This is a standalone first-person shooter using the ZDoom Engine, featuring real, retro first-person-shooter gameplay. Save anywhere and at anytime. Food is health. No ragdoll physics. It has it all. The brilliant Doctor Octagon has been kidnapped. Square must find him, and rescue him from the clutches of the Circle of Evil, a mysterious cult hellbent on the domination of Shape Land. He will square off against terrible monsters and impossible traps in order to prove that he's no square when it comes to justice. Guide him to the center of the Circles' domain, unravel their malicious plot, and win the day fair and square. The "Square-ware" version features the first episode of the game, Cornered By Circles: Radial Dawn, which includes: Nine fully playable levels (and a secret one - shh!); Four maps exclusively for Square-Off play (multiplayer VS); Arcade-style Time Attack! mode for Square-Off levels; A whopping sixteen tracks in the OST, courtesy of the musical minds of James Paddock, Xaser Acheron, Augustus Knezevich, Jazz Mickle, and Paul Corfiatis; Amazing voice acting by Ben Paddock, Matt Tropiano, and Matt Cibulas; Beautifully crafted ambient soundscapes; Superb pixel-driven artwork and colorful texturing; Support for Xbox controllers; Really, really awful puns. Really.
Free Episode 1 v1.4 30MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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