Mogura Reverse Krobon Station 2004

Mogura (Japanese for Mole) is a jetpack-powered animal you need to fly through horizontal side-scrolling levels, similar to Parodius and Gradius. By destroying enemies, you can collect fruit to upgrade your weapons, recharge your force field (used for quick invincibility in difficult situations) and collect special weapons such as giant fireblasts, red thunder, blue shields and smartbombs. The enemies' design is reminiscent of the cute Nintendo touch with fluffy birds, giant fish and funny ghosts. The background music consists of four pumping tracks. Mogura has nine lives and the weapon upgrades degrade one level each time you die. The levels build up to a boss confrontation with specific weapon patterns. At the beginning of the game, you can continue from the last level and choose between a normal and a turbo mode. Same-screen offline multiplayer has been provided as well.
Free Game 6MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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