Next Stop: Zombie Humanture, Inc. 2017

A Survival Horror Game - After a lethal epidemic induced by aliens, most of Earth's population has been turned into zombies. Aliens that had been living underground since WWII have completed an intergalactic portal made of thirty X-Points. If not stopped, all humans will be reduced to zombies. You hold the key to foil this invasion and save all humans. The game has five levels: Main Station, Subways, Dark Tunnels, Bunkers and Zombie City. Each level has six red X-gems that you need to find and remove from flame throwing aliens. Sometimes you need to find keys to unlock automatic doors. Keys can be in the form of switches, regular keys or shooting posts. Be careful with zombies, aliens and alien-created spiders and robots. Use the drone's view to locate: Gems appear as shinning red dots; Survival kits are yellow dots; Ammo kits appear as green dots; Avatar assistant is a purple dot; Player position is a blue dot.
Download: None currently available

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