Alien Mayhem Supa Serious 2017

Early Access Release This is an open world game developed and created by Supa Serious. In a virtual world simulated with game physics, jump right in as an alien prankster who causes mayhem everywhere he goes. Unleash your chaotic nature and wreak havoc by breaking stuff, distressing the pedestrians, and even get them in on your shenanigans. Now's your chance to break all the rules and become the most legendary prankster of all time. Features: play as Remy Mayhem an alien who loves to making chaos on the peaceful planet called earth ruled by Lord Zenu; Use 6 difference unique weapon from Air Cannon, Rope gun, gravity gun, Baloon Gun, Freeze gun and Stun Gun to wreak havoc and fight lord zenu guardians; Fight boss with unique abilities and find your way to defeat bosses using 6 weapons and using human pedestrian; Explore the entirety of zenu town, wreak havoc and making chaos using human pedestrian.
Download: None currently available

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