Warface: Chernobyl Crytek / My.com 2017

This free update features a new Special Operation "Pripyat", two new weapon series, 38+ themed achievements, Christmas maps and more. Special Operation "Pripyat" - The most awaited Special Operation is now live. It is the most epic and large-scale operation in the history of Warface. Developers have fully recreated one of the most atmospheric ghost towns on Earth. Brand new enemies, sudden dangers and unpredictable plot twists await. This confrontation is a new page in the conflict between Warface and Blackwood. Face infected soldiers, Medusas, SED and more. Live through the boss encounter to tell the tale. Nuclear power is yours for the taking with a brand new weapon series based on radioactive Pripyat. Stalk your prey and dispose of your foes in style! You will be able to obtain some "Nuclear" weapons and skins by completing special operation "Pripyat". Killing foes with the "Nuclear" weapons will help you to unlock themed stripes.
Steam Free Addon (uploaded by Steam)

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