Overcoming Pain tom_jackson 2017

Do you like weapons and ammunition? Do you like action? Do you like adrenaline in the blood and crowds of enemies? There is everything in this game. Features: location choice (City-day, City-night, Factory-day, Factory-Night); 3 difficulty levels; 3 game modes ("Clearing the Area", "Waves", "Survival"); tons of enemies (bad soldiers, bad robots, zombies); possibility to take a frendly soldier; flexible setting (which enemies do you want to meet or all at once); complete arsenal for killing enemies (from a knife to a grenade); length selection Waves in "Waves" mode; survival timer in "Survival" mode (mix); all settings work together and on all locations; action music and realistic sounds; high quality textures and nice picture; Achievements; Leaderboard (Survival Time in "Survival (mix)" mode).
Download: None currently available

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