Parallax Effect, The Danstarr13 2017

Early Access Release You're a survivor of "The Parallax Effect". A government run project which took a dark, unforeseen turn for the worst several years ago. You are now left with no memory and seemingly lost in an abandoned world reclaimed by nature, but you might not be alone. You are currently being held in one of the few remaining habitation modules off the coast of Chimera, a landmass entirely unknown to you. You remember nothing, you know little of yourself or what you have been through. In the time that has passed whilst being held captive at this facility, you have been heavily sedated to preserve your health for your ultimate task is yet to come. A malfunction in the cryostasis regulator system has caused all chambers in HAB module 1 to open. As you awaken from your sleep of unknown length, you are presented with a lost world reclaimed by nature and a man-made evil which lurks the sprawling wilderness of Chimera. Face your fears and attempt to survive the decimation of mankind as best you can. What happens next is entirely up to you. Presented with a world to discover and a dark story to unravel it's now your turn to make your mark on a long lost civilization. The choices you make from here on out will affect your life as a survivor of The Parallax Effect. With a future unknown, use what you have at your disposal to not only survive, but thrive. Make use of the remnants of civilization including many abandoned towns and even military installations located within the vast expanse of Chimera and arm yourself with the power to fend off anything that stands in your way. Survival guide: You may want to take a look at some of the tasks you can get started with in your survival; Scavenge what you can from the remnants of humanity; Find or even build weaponry to fend off dangerous animals and anything that stands in your way; Equip yourself with gear to conduct long-range exploration, even underwater; Construct items to assist your survival in this harsh new world such as camping equipment and armour; Follow the path of the estranged Dr. R from HAB module 1 by collecting his notes to uncover the true origin of The Parallax Effect; Explore several unique locations around a massive 5x5km map; Build intricate bases and defend loot you have scavenged from either AI raiders or more deadly fellow survivors; Construct basic and more advanced storage units to stash your valuables away in; Upgrade your weaponry with nifty attachments to help you fight; There are currently 20 in-game achievements to unlock by progressing through your survival; Keep starvation and dehydration at bay along with your immunity to the virus and your overall health; Search for vehicles to transport yourself and friends around the map at speed; Survive the horrors of the night that haunt the forests of Chimera. Can you survive the effect?
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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