Space Barnacle doomLaser 2007

Your Spaceship: Shot down... Your Father: Dead. Your Mission: REVENGE. Originally created for the The Independent Gaming Source B-Game Design Contest, this is an homage to the classic 8-bit games of yore. The native resolution is 288×180 pixels, and most of the characters are a mere 16 by 16 pixels square. Hunt for the technology required to obliterate your enemies and avenge your father. Destroy the reactors. Send attackers to their graves. And avoid the deadly machinery that blocks your path. The creators tried to work from a limited 55 color NES palette. But we took some liberties, taking advantage of additive blending, parallax scrolling, and particle effects for blood and vomit explosions. The music is composed entirely of chiptunes in Amiga module format, emulating the sound of the Commodore 64’s famed SID chip, and includes compositions by Reed Richards, among others.
Free Game 2.8MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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