Angel Crisis ASCII Corporation 1999

This is a sample game made with Shooter Maker 95 by the same creators. Sometime in the summer of the year 1999. Growing wings on the back and dancing the sky ... Angel 's corps suddenly appeared before humanity. It was thought that God extended the helping hand to save the end of the century ... how am angel was an alien who aimed for tigorous people and the Earth conquest from 2000 years ago. However, there was a figure of a brave man rising to save the earth here. He is the demon Amon. It is an indigenous people of the earth feared as a dweller of the dark. I do not intend to protect humans, but I do not like for Earth to be occupied. Amon coalesced with the SDF fighter who was shot down by angels and was forced to resist and jumped out into the light of the sun. Yes ... to fight God.
Free Game 672kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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