Action Mogura Krobon Station 2014

This is a 2D platformer where players have to embark on a mission to rescue a group of townsfolk who are held captive by some evil-looking robots. The titular character that you play as (Mogura means mole in Japanese) can use energy blasts to defeat his enemies, and when you hold down the action button for a few seconds it also charges his attack for a more damaging shot. Due to the kidnapping incidents, the buildings in the town are mostly unoccupied at the start. Every time you save a townsfolk, they will either return to their homes or open up a new shop. Some of them will offer items like health-replenishing food or bombs for sale, while others can provide a word of advice or teach you a valuable new skill. Latter levels are only accessible once you've acquired a certain ability or equipment, so be sure to talk to all NPCs whenever you visit the town area. Keyboard and gamepad controls are both supported, though you will want to remap the buttons if the default settings don't suit your needs too well. Note that the game only saves your progress when you press the up button while standing over a health-replenishing gizmo; it can be very annoying having to replay some stages when you forgot to save manually after a long period of game time.
Free Game v14_4_9 90MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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