Trafico Lorenzo Games, Michael L. Fiorentino Gutierrez 2018

Explore the depths of the international narcotics trade by engaging in combat as either a member of one of the most dangerous cartels or as an elite member of one of the world's Military DEA units. Your first customizable character that will be available is your Military DEA character. Online play: Experience intense, first person action as either a special Military DEA operative or choose the other side of the drug war and play as a member of the cartels. The main game mode 'CHAOS' features a vast open world that engage players in direct combat with each other online. 'CHAOS' game mode features: Online multiplayer team-based combat & FFA combat (up to 100 players per server); First & third person perspectives; Large open world map; Respawnable map locations; Lootable weapons hidden throughout the environment; First location - Cerros, Peru; It aims to further the scope and vision of what is possible in competitive shooters. Battle Royale & trafficking modes are still in development.
Download: None currently available

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