Botzin [Pt] Green Land Studios 2002

This is a free turn-based third-person shooter where you control a Botz, that is, a robot with the most incredible futuristic weapons full of special effects. The game was fully developed in Brazil, so it is in Portuguese. The game room system is very reminiscent of the famous GunBound. The users themselves create the room and define data such as turn-on time, map, maximum number of players and the time to start the game. When starting the game, the turn order is set at random, and each player has a pre-set time to move around the map and shoot the enemies. Weapons are changed by pressing a number from 1 to 4, which follows the same order in which they appear on the game panel. When you create an account, it comes with 3 starting weapons: 1. Assault rifle - deals up to 30 points of damage; 2. Grenade Launcher - Up to 50 points of damage; 3. Simple Cannon - can generate up to 50 points of damage to the opponent. In addition to these weapons, another standard accessory for all players is the teleporter, a device very similar to a pistol, but the projectiles launched by him teleport the player to the exact point where they fall on the map. After shutting down in 2008, game servers were reactivated in 2015 but currently it's shut down again.
Download: None currently available

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