Gensou Tsuioku Yume: Lost Memory Regeneration Chizin your Palace 2011

Reimu has lost her memory, and to get it back she must working together with Remilia and Alice. Gensou Tsuioku Yume, literally translated as The Recollection of Fantastic Dream Fantasy, is the second work of the developer, another fine Touhou shooting game similar to ZUN and Disfact's original works. There are five playable characters; Reimu Hakurei, Remilia Scarlet, Alice Margatroid, Kamishirasawa Keine and Kazami Yuuka. The game consists of four difficulties, six levels with substages and more than 20 spell cards collection. The basic gameplay is based on earlier official games such as Extend and is similar to Touhou Eiyashou and Youyoumu, item collection is very similar to Touhou Fuujinroku.
ISO Demo 67MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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