UAYEB ICA Games 2018

This is an Indie game made by one person only, and two actors for the voices. It's a solo story driven adventure / survival / crafting / puzzle game, placed in an open world of 16km2, with the immersive First Person view. Craft your equipment and explore a vast world to find 20 Mayans artifacts. This is not a survival sandbox game. The survival parts are used to add variety and difficulty to the adventure. You, as Uayeb, will explore and survive in a hostile environment, you will find clues helped by your friend archeologist Joanna, to discover Mayan artifacts that will lead you to the lost civilization, you will craft your equipment to be ready for the adventure. Nothing will be shown with a big arrow. You will have to think by yourself to know where to go, and to solve puzzles you'll be helped by Joanna's clues that she will put somewhere in the world. Drink, eat, sleep, cold and hot places, stamina, heal, batteries, weapons and ammunition. Avoid deadly traps, stay alive in underwater caves, jump on moving Mayan platforms, don't touch swords traps that arise from ground. Explore a vast world with desert and dune sand, forests and water falls, beaches and a lost city, and find clues that will lead you to Mayan artifacts. Crafting - Find blueprints and collect resources to build up your own equipment. Defend yourself against hostile survivors with three different fire weapons and melee moves. There will be a lot of Mayan artifacts to find for finishing the first episode. Each artifact will be a level specific with traps, platforms, puzzles and enemies. You will need to find clues to be able to reach the artifacts. To find the Mayans artifacts you will encounter moving platforms, unstable parts or planks, swords traps, balls with spikes falling, other deadly mechanisms, sulfur sprays that will project you in the air and few more surprises. Time in game: Like the real world, the time will turn around 24 hours. 1 hour in real life is like around 2h30 in game. You can sleep at any time (if you have a bed), to rest and pass the time faster. Length: Episode 1 is around 40 hours of gameplay depending of you skills, and it can take you much more. It could even take you more time as you can live and explore the world without restriction, as long as you eat and drink. The game is driven by a story that will go through four episodes. Each episode is a full consequent game. There are also music bonuses to find and easter eggs of games and films references.
Download: None currently available

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