Armored Evolution Burst2Flame Entertainment / New Reality Games 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: Feb 1/2019 This is an arena-style top-down shooter where you fight through waves of enemies solo or with friends. Experience the fast-paced adrenaline-fueled combat as you control your customized Avatar wielding your unique weapon load-out. Below are some key features: Instant Action - Select your loadout and instantly dive into battle; Skill-Based - Timing your shots and dodging enemy fire is the name of the game with extremely responsive WASD movement and cursor based aiming; Loot System - After completing each level you are rewarded with randomized loot which can supply you with tons of avatars and weapons! Mix and match to create the perfect storm for your enemies. Leveling System - You can use credits earned to boost up your avatars and weapon. Avatars and weapons can be modified in different ways to match your playstyle. Multiplayer - Do battle with a squad of up to 4 players.
Download: None currently available

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