Lilian Fourhand: Nuclear Soeur the Fighters French Bread 2005

This is a fast paced action platformer shooting game and based on Maria-sama ga Miteru manga series. The player selects from three pair of characters: Sachiko-Yumi, Shimako-Noriko and Rei-Yoshino, each having their own specific stats. The main character constantly walks to the right with jump, shoot lock-on laser, and dodging enemies from all directions. Only the main character can get hit by enemy attacks, and the supporting character is basically immortal. Each stage has at least two boss battle, but some even feature multiple bosses at the same time. Additional game modes can be unlocked upon game completion with all characters. The game also features Rosa Chinensis Four Hand, a survival shooter included as a bonus on the Lilian Fourhand disc. In Rosa Chinensis the player control Sachiko and Yumi against Kanina Shizuka in a one-screen danmaku.
ISO Demo 106MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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