Ghost Platoon Polygon Art / Toplitz Productions 2018

This is a fast-paced, easy-to-pick-up, PvP First Person Shooter with stunning visuals. Built with Unreal Engine 4, this game places emphasis on gunplay and map design. Read the environment and take down your enemy before they get the chance to get you. Thought-out, handcrafted maps: Village - A small town in peace, it would be a shame if someone would ruin it; Storm - Can you hear the thunder? Along streets and back alleys or tight indoor parts, learn to master the transition from close quarter combat to long-range shooting; Crosspoint - Set around a central crosspoint with a crashed helicopter, tanks and destroyed buildings, this truly a war-torn town; Depot - What is stored in this depot far out in the desert? Diverse weaponry: Master a variety of modern-combat weaponry like Pistols, SMGs and Assault Rifles. Fast-paced game modes: Classic Deathmatch (the player with the most kills wins) for 2-16 players; Team Deathmatch (the team with the most kills wins) for 2-16 players; Bot Deathmatch, with AI soldiers joining the brawl for 2-16 players. Straight progression system: Gain experience with every kill and climb up 140 ranks, with unlockable character skins along the way. Old-school experience: No loadout – pick up your weapon on the fly; No automatic health regeneration - your only chance is picking up a medkit; No classes – you just live for the frag.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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