Last Man Sitting PixelPizza Games 2018

Early Access Release A bunch of dudes sit in an office, all of them wearing black suits and white collared shirts. Everyone sits in the same lime green swivel chairs. For a video game, Last Man Sitting sounds really boring. Add shotguns and ragdoll physics, though, and you have a recipe for the only battle royale game left to make. The basic premise is sticking a bunch of people in a small room and watching them try to shoot each other while flying backwards every time they pull the trigger. Features: 4 Different Game Modes - Last Man Sitting, Battle Royal, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch; Singleplayer against Ai; Different Chairs to choose from; Couch Coop with up to 4 friends (split screen and multitrack camera). Planed Features: Online Multiplayer; Different Maps; Soccer Mode; Level Editor; Destructible environment; Office Chair Race Mode.
Download: None currently available

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