Batch 17 Baffled Games 2018

Early Access Release You play as an un-named cloned soldier who wakes up in the middle of a violent resistance against the organization which runs the mining colony you protect. "Born" without any ability to speak, but with memories of your previous life, your quest for answers leads you to the resistance, where you learn that not only are you not alone, but that there is something very strange about this remote outpost. Led by a shadowy leader who seems to have a vested interest in you, fight through a variety of levels and environments to piece together the mystery of who you are, and the significance of the 17th batch of clones. This is more than just a standard multiplayer player vs player game, it incorporates various multiplayer ideas from other games and brings them into one great experience. Instances in batch 17 are full versions of the entire campaign and world. Only your character stays the same regardless of what instance you play in. As the development progresses, we will be implementing Guild Halls, Base Building, and many other awesome perks for your personal instance. By introducing this container form of instancing, we can allow you flag individual Universes (or instances) as player vs enemies only, COOP only or PVP Invasion (Coming soon). As an Early access game - players immediately have access to online instances - and will have personal instances enabled once we have enough feedback on our PVP servers. As soon as we have solid numbers on our public pvp instances, we will enable personal instances and PVP invasion. We currently have 35 NPCS with 200 total quest steps which will account for hours of play. Our questing system is in its infancy - and may have bugs, but is functional - and always improving. Regional Events: The developers have the ability to spawn as many enemies of any type as we want, anywhere on the map. The developers of Batch 17 actively play and enjoy the game - and interacting with the world we created is half the fun - so expect crazy things. This system is functional - and requires developer intervention, but we plan to pass this functionality on to our games Ambassadors (the public) at some point. Playable Worlds: The game will currently launch with one full playable level, and we have 3 more (Ice world, Desert World and the Machine) in late stages of development - so new maps will be released on a regular basis. Incomplete: PVP Invasion. Personal instances are currently disabled as we launch - so we can establish good figures on bandwidth requirements and server scaling. As soon as we've got some numbers under our belt, this will be re-enabled. This feature is already code complete, but we have no idea how to scale our servers appropriately - and there are huge implications to getting that wrong.
Download: None currently available

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