Intergalactic Exterminator / Eddie Galaxy Hamumu Software / eGames Inc. 1999

This is a single player variant of Centipede.The object of the game being to eradicate the bugs before they reach the bottom of the screen. Caterpillar-like Bugs descend from the top of the screen weaving and winding across the game area changing path when they encounter obstacles or each other. The player's character is confined to the bottom fifth or so of the screen and can only fire upwards. Shooting a bug segment will only split the creature in two, the separate segments going their own way but always descending towards the player. Occasionally the zapped bug will drop a radio which, if collected, can trigger a mini bonus feature. Other features include the introduction of spiders into the players part of the screen - these are worth points if killed but take lives from the player if they attack successfully, more powerful weapons, and shields. Between worlds there are bonus levels which vary the game play. There are different versions of this game available. Some of eGames' releases promise twenty-five levels while others contain forty or fifty levels spread over ten worlds. It was later made freeware in 2018.
ISO Demo 59MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Freeware Game 4.6MB (uploaded by

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