SpecNaz 2 / Modern Warrior: Special Tactics BYTE Software / Play Ten Interactive / GFI 2008

The Russian President tries to strengthen his power, liquidating the oligarchs by nationalizing and re-privatizing their properties. But the real threat is elsewhere.
The governors of certain regions are slowly becoming absolute sovereigns of their regions, the federal government offices are corrupted, and former military leaders are weak, willing to serve anybody to feed their families. The influence of one governor is secretly growing and he becomes the grey eminence behind everything happening in Siberia and Russia. His wide web of activities stretch into almost all business areas -- and via planted persons also into organized crime, e.g. smuggling weapons and selling them to the highest bidder...
Here's a mistake.
One of his dealers decides to sell the latest secret Russian anti-tank missile to Iraqi terrorists. One of them destroys an American tank in Iraq. Because the Russians know that their weapon is behind the tank liquidation, the military intelligence is sending a specnaz team that should find out what really happened...
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DVD ISO Demo 1.52GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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