Ore Couch Cosmonauts LLC 2018

This is a couch-cooperative twin stick shooter where you and your friends are space miners draining a hostile alien planet of a volatile resource that's corrupted the planet's inhabitants. Fight through a handful of levels and navigate the planet's varied surface to collect as much Ore as you can before the planet implodes. Once you've gathered enough Ore, you can afford a trip to the planet's core where you will face the Ore-corrupted guardian that's causing the planet to collapse-in on itself. Defeat the guardian, save the planet, and get rich. The game merges roguelike game structures with twin-stick gameplay in order to create high-risk, high-reward systems for players to navigate. The game also uses friendly fire, a shared economy, various weapon damage types, and more to encourage intentional cooperation between players. With the game’s intricate and dynamic enemy behaviors, alongside a handful of unpredictable guns, any play session can quickly turn to a chaotic fight for survival. Features: 1-4 Players - Team up with as many as three friends or attempt to solo the game; Local-Cooperative Emphasis - While you can play alone, the game was built specifically to be enjoyed with friends; High-Risk, High-Reward Systems - Players are in control of when they want to leave the planet surface with their stash, or keep fighting for more loot; Crazy Weapons - Each weapon feels entirely unique and has designed to be either great or terrible depending on the situation and enemies you face; 3 Dangerous Biomes to Explore - Travel across our frost, swamp, and lava environments to explore old excavation sites as well as undiscovered terrain; Shared Economy Structure - Everyone shares the game's resource pool, so work together and spend wisely.
Download: None currently available

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