Touhou Henkaden: Highly Responsive to Pancakes Python 2015

Touhou Henkaden, literally translating to English as Eastern Strange Pastry Tale, is an unofficial remake to Touhou Rei'iden, the first game of the Touhou series released for the Japanese PC-98 in 1996. Developed using Danmakufu ph3, it features three playable characters to choose from; Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya; and each of them has their own advantages. The game is based on Arkanoid but with an exception; the ball is allowed to touch the bottom of the screen. Player attempts to persuade a bouncing Yin-Yang Orb to hit various on-screen targets, cards and bosses. Enemies will be trying to hinder player progress by firing bullets, but player can cancel out their shots with their own, or even deflect them by swinging the paddle. In normal mode, or the main scenario, after the first five stages there are three selectable paths in the game; Hakugyokurou, Chireiden or Heaven. It also features Extra Stage which can be unlocked by getting the good ending in the main scenario with all characters.
Free Game 151MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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