RoboHeist VR Blob Lab 2018

This is an intensive and immersive, "Budget Cuts" style Virtual Reality stealth game specially designed for HTC Vive VR device. Your mission is to complete missions on each level and find your way back to the teleport. Watch out for evil robots, lasers and alarms. Hide in closets and chests, climb ladders, crawl and crouch. Sneak around in shadows and avoid robots. Using weapons to destroy robots will make the game easier but will give you less points. Global Leaderboards (Steam) for each Level Sets. Play area: Room-Scale / Stand-In-Place. Locomotion: "Walk-In-Place" (hold controller touchpad buttons and swing your arms). Controller Grip buttons: Grab items / Climb ladders etc. Controller Triggers: Interact / Activate / Use items. Controller Top buttons: Inventory. It's made by a small indie studio from Finland.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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