Hinamizawa Bunkou: Final Match M3-type 2009

This is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by M3-type and follows the story of Maebara Keiichi, the protagonist in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni series who returned to the club activities in the beginning of summer holidays. The gameplay is generally the same as Touhou Project. The game focused on bullet hell shooters where the player shoots through available stages and each level ends with a boss fight. The Player can choose one of three types of shots, and power increases on a linear scale as the player collects power-ups dropped by enemies. The player can also use "focus" which slows down the player's movement, makes the hitbox visible, and focuses the player's attack to make it more powerful. In addition to the game mechanics is tension meter which required to reflect bullets and force bomb. To increase, or fill up, the tension meter player must perform offensive action such as shooting enemies and build up chain combos.
Full Demo 374MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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