Polaris Rebellion Prism Leisure / Midas Interactive Entertainment 1998

This is a PC shoot 'em up action game where you ride a Stingray, a triangular craft with weapons. At the controls of your ship, you have to defeat rebel ships and giant robots that have only one desire: to scatter you in the atmosphere. Throughout the fifteen levels, you move through three different environments from the aseptic technology jungle to the wilderness. There's a huge number of enemies, and they all shoot at our vessel. And there are both flying enemies, and walking on the ground, and unexpectedly appearing turrets are the greatest danger. Our hero shoots simultaneously three (!) Types of weapons, and even ahead we have a certain satellite (if you buy), damaging enemies. Laser shells and missiles are designed for flying enemies, bombs - for ground and turrets. In addition, we inflict damage on various structures, for which we get more points. By the way, the levels look rather poor: buildings of circular shape and some walls represent almost the entire landscape of the planets. Before each level, we can buy the best weapons, and initially they give us only $5000, for which you can only buy weak bombs that fall literally in front of your nose. Destroying enemies and gaining points, we thereby earn ourselves more advanced weapons. Powerful rockets, bombs and satellites cost from $100,000, and the most-most - from $200,000. However, we can collect some bonuses during the game. As already noted, the levels are quite long, and even one can go through the hurricane without careful study is rather problematic. After the passed stages we receive passwords to the following. But if we lose all three lives to us and start a new level, then we lose all the money we earned and, of course, all the weapons we got. For each stage passed, we are given only $5000. It is easy to calculate, that even before the last level we have only $75,000 - and what can we get for these miserable money to destroy the ever increasing hordes of enemies? Although our ship can withstand quite a large number of hits (in the right upper corner of the screen our health scale), to withstand a continuous flurry of attacks without good weapons is simply unrealistic. Suddenly, after the already difficult fifth level, the boss is waiting for us (and we did not expect), and after the victory over him our ship leaves the planet, and finally the landscape and enemies change. After the tenth stage and the local boss again fly - and we are met by a desert planet with opponents like insects.

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ISO Demo 438MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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