Solar Battalion Digital Hippo Cartel 2018

Early Access Release This is a neo-noir cyberpunk science fiction action game that depicts a dystopian future featuring electric visuals brought to life in comic form. Following in the footsteps of No Man's Sky, this game promises to deliver a epic sci-fi experience. WARNING this game contains large breasts and bad CGI acting. DISCLAIMER - Due to the large amount of assets used in this game some players may suffer from bouts of deja vu. Features: first person action shooter; Epic sci-fi open world to explore; Operational combat mech to pilot; Cinematic cut scenes depicting a cyber punk world; Immersive world to interact with; Stunning electric visuals brought to life using the latest high tech state of the art game engine. The evil warlord SAGEN X has taken over the star system a SOLAR BATTALION has been dispatched to crush SAGEN X and his foot soldiers known as the DARK SWARM.You take control of Agent RED COBRA who is part of a elite strike time sent to assassinate SAGEN X your task will envelop visiting brothels across the galaxy to gather secret information from undercover agents to help stop the DARK SWARM.
Download: None currently available

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