PixelShips Pixelmusement 2000

The PixelShip is a popular toy in the year 2079! A battery powered two-foot long spaceship provides for hours of enjoyment. All kinds of different people have been flocking to compete against one another. Grandmothers can play with their grandkids and lawyers can play against fast food employees. All pixelships are controlled through the same interface (named the PICC) allowing anyone to switch between different types. There are 160 different types of PixelShip and a rumored 161th type. Can anyone catch them all? This is a side-scrolling horizontal shooter. Players begin by choosing their initial ship and then entering a campaign number (random seed) to begin their adventures. Each pixelship has a health and energy bar. That energy bar is depleted as the main weapon is fired. More advanced PixelShips may carry more than one weapon. By defeating enemy swarms, power-ups will be dropped. Defeating enemy PixelShips can sometimes cause them to break up into their component pixels, which then are collected allowing the player to capture the ship for their own use. Missions in the game are randomized across 10,000 possible campaigns, making for a total of 100,000 potential levels.
Free Game v1.87 424kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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