Soviet Luna Park VR Mundfish 2018

Welcome to Soviet Lunapark, comrade. Treat yourself to an array of thrilling VR-attractions. Contemplate the magnificent creations of Dr. Pavlov. Immerse yourself into the brilliantly crafted world of walking and thinking machines and abominable cadavers hungry for the flesh of the living. Stroll through the facility in single player mode or compete with other visitors in the arena. Explore your surroundings and have multiplayer fun on an abandoned Soviet paradise island which used to be a resort for the high command of the USSR. Play whack-a-mole against your friends and see who can kill more Nazi-hamsters in a limited time-span. Target seagulls and take them down with a slingshot for a potential reward. Discover other ways to spend quality time on the Soviet island. Keep a look out for the future updates – more arenas for co-op soon to come.
Download: None currently available

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