Nova Wing III Sub Orbital Software 2018

Shoot your way through the many caverns of alien defences, Collect the weapons and Fuel you need to aid in your escape. Features: Destructible side-scrolling environment. If there is no way through, make your own; Collect the Fuel you need for your ship as you go; Achievable achievements in a reasonable playtime; Play with other players on your LAN ( local area network ), Or two players on the same PC; Upgrade your ship as you play, Improving your shields and firepower; Compare your scores to your friends and other Steam players. For two players on the same PC at least one player will need to use a controller. Two player Lan requires 100 Mbps for a smooth experience. The quality of your network will effect the smoothness of your gaming experience, players must also operate at the same aspect ratio, As to avoid stretching or compression on the client machine.
Download: None currently available

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