Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Treyarch, Beenox Software / Activision Blizzard 2018

This takes place between the events presented in Call of Duty: Black Ops II and III. Contrary to the previous games in the series, the title lacks a singleplayer campaign. Instead, the developers decided to tell the story of various Specialists through the multiplayer mode. The most important gameplay mechanics change is the lack of automatic health regeneration. Now the players can heal themselves manually when the time is right. Wall running and thrust jumps are removed. The weapons are never pulled down and it is possible to shoot even while climbing or using the grappling hook. In multiplayer mode, the players assume the role of specialists. Each of them features a unique set of combat skills, advantages, and weaknesses. Taking advantage of these differences is the key to victory. For example, Recon's specialization is the situation awareness – everything that can be seen or heard during the fight. He can reveal the fog of war from the minimap with a special sensor and show the locations of enemies to his allies. During the game, the players can use various weapons. Each weapon features a set of add-ons, including operator modules – special items that behave differently depending on the specialization of their user. Multiplayer focuses not on individual battles, but on team-based play. The game also introduces a battle royale module called Blackout where players are taken to a vast map (about 1500 times larger than the famous Nuketown) that features things taken from the most popular maps in the series. The map can be traveled through on foot or by using vehicles and machines (including boats, planes, and cars). The players assume the role of classic characters from previous entries in the series and in order to win one player must become the last man standing. It also features a Zombie mode that starts a new story. During the game in this mode, the players assume control of nine characters that face ancient, evil order. It is worth mentioning that the zombies can be fought together with other players or with companions controlled by artificial intelligence. It's powered by an improved version of the engine that was used in previous games in the series. The game supports 4K resolution and ultra-wide displays. It was also integrated with service. On Dec 6, a cheaper Battle Edition was released on with Blackout and multiplayer modes but no Zombies mode.
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