HalfLight David Grace / Gaping Wolf Software 1998

This is a fun freeware space shooter starring furry animals. It's not revolutionary by any means, but it does offer one thing that most shooters ignore: a plot. And an interesting one at that. In the future mankind has ventured far into the depths of space, colonizing entire worlds. In time, mankind splits into two different races, the furry Jvarans, and the Gn'rthan. With each species believing their religion is the one true faith, a war between the Jvarans and Gn'rthans flares up. It's here where you begin the game, taking on the persona of Captain Kvor Arrlson, a wolf pilot, who fights on the side of the Jvarans in the hope of dealing a crippling blow to the Gn'rthans. Each level in the game (six in total) gives you a different assignment, although it generally involves destroying a key Gn'rthan piece of equipment. The game graphics are primitive by any standard, but it delivers with many special effects and lead-ins, as well as fun plot developments that you are informed about by lion-morph General Kveld. Similar to Solar Winds, your mission objectives may change mid-level, and surprises are well thought out. The game itself plays well, with good control and a decent variety of power-ups. An Anniversary Edition ported HalfLight 1.01b to Windows and added a lot of new features, including: Inertia - ship moves naturally; No more single-hit kills, you 'bounce back' if you ram into something; Removed pesky enemies-attacking-while-dialogue-ocurring 'feature'; New translucent foregrounds, so you can see what's going on; Two new game modes: Time-Attack and Gauntlet. Both now record your score, including the normal game; Additional new super-weapon, that can be picked up during gameplay; Brand new ending to the game.
Anniversary Edition - Free Game v1.03b 6MB (uploaded by allegro.cc)

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