Dead by Daylight: Curtain Call Chapter Behaviour Digital Inc. / Starbreeze Publishing AB 2018

Curtain Call is a brand new chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map as well as an exclusive item for the new survivor. Carnivals are places of fun and laughter, of color and light, beacons of happiness in the dark. Make sure not to walk too far from the crowds and music, to be lured by the painted panels and inviting light of that lonely caravan, or you just might find one of your fingers added to the Clown’s collection. The Clown entices those who stray too near, anesthetizing and trapping them like butterflies. Beware, if you feel your senses dulling and your head getting light, RUN! Killer Power - The Afterpiece Tonic. Tap or hold and release the Power button to launch a bottle. On contact, the bottle breaks, emitting a gas cloud that intoxicates any survivors within the area of effect. Intoxicated Survivors suffer from impaired vision, reduced movement speed, and involuntary coughing for 1.5 seconds. 3 new perks: Bamboozle - Your Vault speed is faster. Performing a Vault action calls upon The Entity to block that vault location temporarily.Only one vault location may be blocked in this way at any time. The vault location is blocked only for Survivors; Coulrophobia - All survivors healing within your Terror Radius have a penalty to healing speed; Pop goes the Weasel - After hooking a Survivor, the next generator you break is instantly regressed by a chunk. Normal generator regression applies after the damage is done. Pop goes the Weasel is active for a limited time after the Survivor is hooked. New survivor - Kate Denson is a hopeful songbird with 3 new perks: Windows of Opportunity - Unlocks potential in one's aura reading ability. Auras of pallets and vaults are revealed to you when within range. It has a cooldown when vaulting or dropping a pallet during a chase; Boil Over - You are a battler and do everything to escape a foe's grasp. Your struggling effects on the Killer are increased. You obscure the Killers ability to see hook auras within range; Dance with me - When performing a fast vault or leaving a locker in a sprint, you leave no scratch marks for a limited time. It has a cooldown. New map - Father Campbell's Chapel was once a haven from the horrors of the rest of the asylum. Patients would come here for refuge, to seek guidance from the Father and to unburden their souls. Then, on that fateful night, the Asylum's halls fell quiet and the Father met his end in the confessional that had helped so many. Now it has been joined by a strange companion: a brightly colored caravan, pulled by a shadowy horse. Only a fool would let the bright colors seduce them into visiting.
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